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About the pet you are interested in

Type of pet you are interested in

About you

Additional Phone
Are you 18 years or older
Have you previously adopted from ASSI
Have you previously applied to adopt from ASSI

About your home

Do you
Is there a yard
Does the yard have a fence around it
Does your landlord / association permit animals
Are there children in the home
Is anyone in the home allergic to animals

Pet History

Do you presently have animals now
Are they kept inside
Have you owned animals in the past
Vet Address
Can we call your veterinarian for a reference
Is there any other shot clinic that you have used
Have you ever had a veterinarian declaw a cat


References (3 required, 2 if a veterinarian was included above). Include one neighbor.

Your New Pet

Will you keep your new adopted pet inside
Will your new adopted pet be supervised when outside
Will your new adopted pet be walked on a leash
If your new adopted pet is a cat, will you have it declawed

Are you financially prepared and willing to give your pet the medical care he/she requires, which at a minimum consists of:

  • Immediate veterinarian care in the event of illness or injury
  • Regular shots (rabies and distemper vaccinations), stool specimen
    checks as per veterinarian instructions
  • If a dog, heartworm checks and kept on heartworm preventative
    medication as per veterinarian instructions
  • If a cat, AIDS and Leukemia testing and kept up with previous
I am financially prepared