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Hi my name is Foxy And Queen!

I am a adult female dog, who is a shiba inu mix.
Here are some things I want you to know:
  • I have been fixed
  • My color is tan
  • I have been house-trained
  • I am a mixed breed
  • I am up to date
  • I am ok with Kids, Dogs
Here is a bit more about me:
FOXY AND QUEEN ARE SOOOO SWEET. They are a bonded pair that love each other.  One seems to be Momma and another her daughter. They are very gentle, sweet and well mannered. They are an awesome pair ❤️ When you are away from home, they keep each other company. They know how to use a doggie door that leads to a fenced back yard. They would love so much to have a family to love them again and take them on walks. They truly are sweet girls. please fill out an application to meet these girls at  When we fed them two bowls of food, one bowl for each, they both eat out of the same bowl. When finished, then they both eat from the other bowl.  They slept on the same bed and blanket.   They followed each other constantly.  When a pair is that bonded like this we will not separate.    Come and adopt both of these quiet, loving look-alike ,bonded pair.  

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