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Hi my name is Border Collie Belgium Sheep Dog!

I am a young male dog, who is a border collie mix.
Here are some things I want you to know:
  • I have been fixed
  • My color is black with white
  • I have been house-trained
  • I am a mixed breed with belgian shepherd dog sheepdog
  • I am up to date
  • I am ok with Kids, Dogs
Here is a bit more about me:
 Buddy is a stunning dog with the most beautiful golden herding dog focused eyes. He is playful and lovable. He is crate trained and rides great in a vehicle.  He loves playing with toys.  He would love to play frisbee with you.   He has a puppy personality and will enjoy playing with you throwing a ball or a frisbee.  He will make a wonderful companion.   Perfect size not too big about 45 lbs. Please fill out an application to meet him at  Bane is a beautiful young dog.  He is very playful and lovable.  He gets along with other dogs with the correct introduction.   His family before did not have enough time for him they had him as a pup. Needless to say this young pup happy no idea why his life was turned upside down and why he was given up.  He is a good boy ready for a loving home. Plase fil lout an application to meet him at  

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