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(No Longer Available) Hi my name is Bonded Pair-Bonded Pair!

I am a young male dog, who is a wirehaired fox terrier mix.
Here are some things I want you to know:
  • I have been fixed
  • I have been house-trained
  • I am a mixed breed with belgian shepherd dog sheepdog
  • I am up to date
  • I am ok with Dogs
Here is a bit more about me:
 Stevey is a 15 lbs. 1 year old ( wire haired terrier mix) and his best friend Erkle 2 yrs.old and 50 lbs. ( mini Belgium shep sheepdog are a sweet, loving bonded pair. They are very bonded and need to stay together. They are adorable and ready for your lap. As they say "Two are better than one"!  We rescued them from an over crowed shelter where they would be put down for space. They deserve a loving forever home.  2ND picture is sweet little Stevey on his way in transport Please fill out an application to meet them at   

As a reminder, Bonded Pair-Bonded Pair is no longer available.
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