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Hi my name is Bonded Pair Bonded!

I am a young female dog, who is a chihuahua mix.
Here are some things I want you to know:
  • I have been fixed
  • My color is white
  • I have been house-trained
  • I am a mixed breed
  • I am up to date
  • I am ok with Kids, Dogs
Here is a bit more about me:
 Sugar is a sweet , lovable medium size dog . She is part of a bonded pair.  She is here with her best buddy Scooter, a little male chihuahua.  They love each other; therefore we want them to stay together.  It is best that older children verses young children  are in the household  cause fast running around of small children seems to stress little Scooter the chihuahua  Scooter is the little black chihuahua bonded with Sugar.   Please fill out an application at to meet them Please fill out the entire application answering all question ( those with an *) and using n/a if it does not apply to you.           

Click to fill out an application